Including intellectual disability in participatory design processes: Methodological adaptations and supports


People with intellectual disabilities are relevant actors in the design processes that aim to promote their independent living. We argue that it is necessary to extend and adapt existing codesign methods in order to incorporate this community into user-centred design processes fully. This paper presents a series of methods and adaptations carried out over three years, in the context of inclusive research. Throughout the codesign process, we have identified four different phases: preparation, fieldwork, ideation and validation. Within this framework, we present adaptations and supports, which may facilitate the participation of people with intellectual disability in research and design processes. Among the central adaptations and supports, we distinguish those of content, structure and operation. This initial but comprehensive effort aims to distil transferable knowledge for facilitating the participation of people with intellectual disabilities as valuable design team members.

El artículo es escrito por Herbert Spencer González, Vanessa Vega Córdova, Katherine Exss Cid, Marcela Jarpa Azagra e Izaskun Álvarez-Aguado, este año 2020 y presentado en Participatory Design Conference.

Aquí pueden leer el artículo completo.


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